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WOW – where to start when you have been tinkering and perfecting BBQ for 30+ years. I don’t think there are many people who haven’t tried their hand at BBQ; however there are those of us who have that extra passion and desire to perfect our recipes, generate new food items and as a result watch and hear people enjoy your efforts. That’s where my wife Ellen and I are at; we just love cooking BBQ

We sincerely hope you give our menu items a try and realize that this is some of the best food you’ve tasted. Give us a shout if we can help with any event you be planning. We look forward to “knocking your socks off”!

Thanks for your consideration and business and have a blessed day!

Jim & Ellen Spicer

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Menu Items:

Pulled, Chopped, or Sliced Pork

SSB Oinker Rub, Smoked and Cooked to incredible and editable perfection

On Pulled and Chopped Pork we add our SSB Sow juice for extra flavor and texture layering


SSB Moo Brisket Rub, Smoked and cooked to perfection

Sliced or pulled/shredded

Burnt Ends – incredible bite size brisket ends. Always a great decision!

St. Louis Cut Pork Ribs

SSB Oinker Rib Rub, cooked and smoked to tender perfection

Offered in either Half or Full Racks

Prepared either dry, wet or a combination of both

SSB Yard Bird, (also known as chicken)

SSB Cluck Rub, Smoked or Grilled to moist and tender perfection

Wings, legs, leg quarters, breasts, half and whole chickens

*We also do whole Turkeys, Lamb Roasts, and Smoked Spiral Hams!

Southern Country Style Pork Ribs

SSB Oinker Rib Rub, smoked to tender, juicy perfection

Prepared either dry, wet, or a combination of either

Can be sliced into bite size pieces

Pulled Beef

SSB Moo Beef Rub, smoked and cooked to perfection

Can be Pulled, Chopped, or Sliced

Smoked BBQ Lasagna

Multiple layers made with either pulled pork or beef with a BBQ twist sauce

Offered in cheesy full and half pans

Smoked Sausage

Cooked and Smoked to perfection

A variety of sausages to choose from:
Kielbasa, Bratwurst, Italian, Jalapeno & Cheddar, Andouille

From the Grill (Offered if SSB smoker is on site)

Hamburger with/without cheese*

Chicken Sandwich

Hot dogs

SSB Yard Bird

Side Items:

Potato Salad

Choose between mustard or mayonnaise-based salads


Can choose either creamy, vinegar based, or both!

SSB Smoked Baked Beans

Made with a little tangy kick – SSB pulled Beef or Pork added

Smoked Mac ‘n Cheese

Four Cheeses and creamy, cheesy goodness

Offered in full and half pans

Collard Greens

If you are familiar with “Collards” you will love mine

Made with bacon and a lot of “southern goodness”; cooked to succulent tenderness

SSB Squealer Balls

A quartered jalapeno pepper with our special seasoned cheese and apple wood bacon bits. Wrapped in seasoned pork and bacon; smoked till perfection!

SSB Smoked Spud Boats

A potato skin that has stuffed diced smoked chicken, secret sauce, cheese and topped with a strip of bacon.

Grilled mixed Vegetables

What’s in season and grilled to perfection with a hint of smoke

Offered in full and half pans

SSB Southwest Corn

Sweet Kernel Corn sautéed with diced green and red bell peppers

Offered in full and half pans


Spice Spice Baby Mid-West Love BBQ Sauce

A great mid-west style red BBQ sauce with a flavorful but not over powering taste

Spice Spice Baby Mid-Atlantic Vinegar Sauce

For those who love a vinegar kick to their BBQ.  Pairs well with our pork products

Carolina Yellow Classic (tangy mustard based sauce)

Tangy, mustard-based sauce with a BBQ kick that’s smooth and tangy

*Don’t See what you want? Let us know!
*We do whole pigs on request, Split, Whole, and/or Stuffed!

*Hamburgers are cooked to order. Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.



“The only smoked food I have ever really enjoyed and savored in my life has been the culinary masterpieces from Spice Spice Baby BBQ.  The team of Spice Spice Baby BBQ has designed just the right spice combinations. I highly recommend you trying a bite for yourself but I doubt you will stop at just one!  The unique subtle but sweet tasty morsels will make you craving more. My favorite so far are the spud boats. The mac and cheese gives you feeling of having dinner by a campfire.  From a girl who grew up eating pancakes and sausage in Maple City, the smoked sausage reminds me so much of home. For those of you with digestive issues, I have a sensitive system, but I do not have a problem here.  Spice Spice Baby BBQ makes my digestive system happy. I hope it does for you too!”

Jen W.

“If you like Pulled Pork or a juicy Brisket, this is the BEST in town! No matter how you have it, their food is absolutely amazing! Especially their sauces and spices…. nothing like it!”  

Dan B.

Owner , Legends of North Shore and Cool Beans Food Truck

“I have known Jim Spicer for many years, but I have been a Barbecue fan for many more than that! I have eaten Barbecue in places like New Mexico, Kansas, North Carolina, Indiana, Texas, and Australia. So I can say without reservation that Jim’s brisket, Ribs, pork, and chicken are the best I have tasted! The texture (pull), smoke ring, and of course taste are special. Same with his rubs and sauces. He is really into it, which means a lot about his attention to detail. So I give my whole-hearted recommendation to Jim and his Barbecue! Don’t miss it!”

Greg M.

“Spice Spice Baby provided an absolutely fantastic BBQ including ribs, brisket and pulled pork during one of the Mickey’s Place Bike Nights.  We received numerous comments regarding the quality, quantity and pricing, stating that all three were spot on! Everybody wanted to know when Spice Spice Baby would return!!  We are in the process of developing a partnership that we expect will bring increased attention to both of our businesses and we look forward to making this a very successful relationship!”

Bob C.

Owner, Mickey's Place

“Spice Spice Baby BBQ is AMAZING! I haven’t had anything I didn’t like, but my favorite is the pulled pork. It melts in your mouth with the perfect amount of smoke. Make sure you order an extra tray to freeze to make sandwiches anytime you like! Food quality is top notch, Jim and Ellen are excellent hosts. I highly recommend Spice Spice Baby BBQ for your next event!”

Kym W.

“Jim and crew, (Spice, Spice, Baby), catered an event that I held at my house. Many of the guys that attended were self-proclaimed barbecue “experts”. Needless to say, Jim’s array of pulled pork, brisket, ribs, mac n’ cheese, etc was highly and thoroughly scrutinized. The net result was that many of the “experts” didn’t even say a word – they just went back for 2nds; and 3rds !!! Jim’s food made my event a qualified success. I would HIGHLY recommend Spice, Spice, Baby BBQ to anyone !!! Regarding his rubs and spices, lets just say that my wife and I have used them … and they make our food taste like it was made by experienced BBQ’ers !!!”

David G.

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